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Can I install these myself?

Probably the most frequently asked questions are in regard to the installation of low-voltage lighting. The first thing to know is that low-voltage is completely safe, therefore you, the homeowner, are fully able to do this yourself. You will only need an electriction if you do not have access to 120 to power the transformer. This can be done at minimal cost.

Once you have selected the power source for the transformer, you need only lay your low-voltage wire on the ground, connect the lamp(use silicon filled wirenuts for easy removal), cover the wire with mulch or dig a shallow trench and bury the wire. Unless there are sidewalks or driveways to tunnel under, this simple installation is done. When installed according to the instructions included with each piece, the LeFleur collection will stand through all but the strongest winds. Noreasters didn't move them all winter, even before the record snow falls came.

Plug the transformer into the 120 power source, set the clock and wait for dusk.

Is the MONARCH CALADIUM really safe in a pool?

Yes! The Monarch Caladium and all pieces made for in water use are completely safe. Besides being powered by low voltage, the AquaVase assures stability and the 20' of wire gives you plenty of length to work with out of the water. Lowell tested the stability by placing the first MONARCH CALADIUM, in its AquaVase, into the swimming pond he and his wife built for their granddaughter. It is made to be in up to two (2') feet of water. "Cannonballs" didn't knock it over last summer, and the "Alberta Clippers" that hit Minnesota in November haven't given any movement to it in the frog pond (see "our designs") which is much shallower. Beautiful and practical...

Is Copper toxic to plants or fish?

According to Dr. Ying Ji of the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, "Only in very large amounts could copper be harmful to fish. There is a less than slight risk of endangering plant or animal life from leaching." 4/23/01

We have been assured that the only thing copper in your pond or garden will do is keep algae and fungi away, and that, is a good thing. See our Myths page for complete busting of the Copper myth.

Do I have to bring them in during the winter?

No. As you know there is always more winter than summer in Minnesota. These lamps are created of copper, the most remarkable metal, so they only get better with time and weathering. If there is concern about snow-plowing in your yard, be sure to bury your wire deep enough under those areas. If your water surface area is large enough to create ice dams during spring thaw, we then recommend you remove the sculpture and the AquaVase from the water. By large, we mean "a lake" large. The backyard water feature is in no danger of ice dams.

Why aren't the lamps copper colored?

Copper is the most wonderful metal, because exposure to the elements only makes it better. Like the domed cathedrals of Europe, with their green patina, the colors of copper change with their environment. City air changes it more quickly, while the purer, country air lets copper take its time going through the phases of color. The raw copper color changes in a spectrum from crimson and blue to gunmetal and green. No two pieces evolve alike, due to differing conditions every day. L.Pajari initiates the patina process in the studio using organic and inorganic compounds.

How long do halogen bulbs last and where can I get them when replacement is needed?

Most bulb questions regard halogen, but we have upgraded to the newest technology, the 10,000 hour xelogen bulb. This bulb eliminates the need to protect it from body oil on hands and since the xelogen bulb is low pressure, there is no risk of it bursting. You may order these by contacting us.

Where should I put my lamps?

We were not sure why, but for some reason, when it came to lamp placement, we thought like gardeners. We "planted" our lamps where ever there was a grand specimen plant or where there was an irregularity in the path. We lit the trunks of the Spruce and Pine trees at the ponds edge and moon lit through the brances of the Oak trees. There is a Monarch Caladium in the Swimming Pond at the entrance as well as a Star Gazer focused on a Weeping Juniper. These, and all the others in the garden, freeze in and stand all winter. They make new snow sparkle like a blanket of diamonds, and create the most romantic place under a snow covered arbor. These tough but lovely garden accessories don't even shiver. Now, here it is, the coldest day of the winter and the display gardens at ArtScape Lighting, Inc. are in full bloom. At dusk, which for awhile yet is still around 5PM, we can head out with a great view of our year round beauties. Our advise is to light everything you wish you could see when you look into your garden at night...and above all have fun!

How can a metal sculpture stand without being brought down by its own weight?

When properly installed per the instructions included with every LeFleur design, they will stand through all but the most severe of winds. In the ArtScape display ponds, even before the ice set in, the collection stood firm. Out of the water, our new PVC anchors held avery piece the way it was placed. The March, April winds (50+mph gusts) did not cause any to fall. No reinstalls were needed.


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